Silicone Mould 5cm - Impatiens

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Create bath bombs, guest soap, fridge magnets, plus heaps more with this cute impatiens flower single-cavity silicone mould.

Single silicone mould in the shape of an impatiens flower.

Diameter – 5cm
Height – 2.5 cm
Colour – Random Colour Selection as per product images

Suitability for Do-It-Yourself Projects
✅  Soap – Guest Soap Size
✅  Jelly Soap
✅  Bath Melts
✅ Shower Melts
✅ Bath Bombs
✅ Bath Salt Cakes
✅ Epsom Salt Cakes
✅  Sugar Scrub Bars
✅  Lotion Bars
✅  Solid Moisturiser Bars
❌  Shampoo Bars – Mould size is unsuitable
❌  Conditioner Bars – Mould size is unsuitable
✅  Plaster of Paris – perfect for fridge magnets

Suitability for Cooking*
❌  Bliss Balls – Mould size is unsuitable
❌  Chocolates – Mould size is unsuitable
✅  Marshmallow – Dust moulds with corn flour or icing sugar first

*Moulds previously used for the Do-It-Yourself Projects listed above are no longer food safe.


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