Silicone Mould – Clouds

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Six-cavity silicone mould with with cavities in the shape of clouds.

This silicone mould has six cavities in the shape of clouds. Try using it for soap making, bath bombs or yummy marshmallows – the options are endless!

Mould Dimensions: L17.0cm W16.0cm H3.5cm

Cavity Dimensions: L7.0cm W3.8cm H3.2cm.  All sizes are approximate.

Colour: Pink

Suitability for Do-It-Yourself Projects
✅  Soap
✅ Jelly Soap
❌ Bath Melts – Mould size is unsuitable
✅ Shower Melts – Mould size is unsuitable
✅ Bath Bombs – Mould strength may lead to bath bombs cracking
✅ Bath Salt Cakes
✅ Epsom Salt Cakes
✅ Sugar Scrub Bars
✅ Lotion Bars
✅ Solid Moisturiser Bars
✅ Shampoo Bars
✅ Conditioner Bars
✅  Plaster of Paris

Suitability for Cooking*
❌  Bliss Balls – Mould size is unsuitable
❌  Chocolates – Mould size is unsuitable
✅  Marshmallow – Dust mould cavities with corn flour or icing sugar first

*Moulds previously used for the Do-It-Yourself Projects listed above are no longer food safe.


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