Floral Fridge Magnets

Plaster of Paris fridge magnets are a great school holiday activity to do with the kids. Here’s how to make beautiful flower magnets using a selection of flower moulds from our small, single-cavity mould collection.

plaster flowers with a paint brush and paint palette

How to Make Floral Fridge Magnets

What You Need


Measure out 25g of Plaster of Paris for each silicone mould you are going to fill, then add 10% for wastage.

Prepare the Plaster of Paris as per the packet instructions and fill your silicone moulds to the half way point (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just eyeball it).

Set your plaster-filled moulds aside to set.

When the plaster is dry, peel back the silicone moulds to release your plaster flowers.

Paint and decorate your plaster flowers as desired and then glue a craft magnet to the back of each flower.

Give the glue at least 24 hours to harden and then you can stick your floral plaster magnets to your fridge.

Where to Find Supplies

Plaster of Paris is available from local hardware stores such as Bunnings.

Craft magnets, paint and glue are available from local discount stores ($2 Shops) or craft stores such as Spotlight, Lincraft or Kaisercraft.

floral fridge magnets


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