Caramilk Flower Cupcake Toppers

These chocolate cupcakes with Caramilk flower cupcake toppers are so quick and easy to throw together, and are sure to wow your party guests!

chocolate cupcakes with cadbury caramilk flower cupcake toppers sitting on a plate

Plus they are absolutely delicious, of course 😄.

The following recipe makes twenty-four chocolate cupcakes finished off beautifully with Caramilk Flower Cupcake Toppers.

twenty-four chocolate cupdakes with caramilk flowers on top sitting in a cupcake carrier

How to Make Caramilk Flower Cupcake Toppers



Prepare two 12-cavity cupcake trays with small patty-cake papers.

Make the chocolate cake mix as per the instructions on the packet and divide it evenly into 24 the cupcake pans.

Bake the cupcakes for 12-15 minutes or as per the packet mix instructions.

Set your cupcakes aside to cool.

24 freshly baked chocolate cupcakes on a cooling rack

Lay out 8 assorted 5cm silicone mould flowers on a tray with a piece of baking paper to catch the drips.

Special Note: We have selected moulds with a relatively flat bottom as they require less chocolate to fill.

eight 5cm flower silicone moulds laid out on a tray

Break up 1/3 of a block of Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate and melt in the microwave or a double boiler.

a block of caramilk chocolate

Divide the melted chocolate between the silicone moulds and tap the moulds forcefully against the tray to help the chocolate spread evenly and fill up the bottom of the mould.

eight 5cm flower silicone moulds filled with caramilk chocolate laid out on a tray

Place the tray with the caramilk-filled silicone moulds on it in a freezer for 20mins or until the chocolate is set hard.

Once the chocolate has set, pop the caramilk flowers out of the moulds and repeat the last three steps to make another 8 caramilk flower cupcake toppers.

Continue until you have a total of 24 caramilk flower cupcake toppers.

twenty-four caramilk chocolate flowers laid out on a tray

Empty the tub of chocolate frosting into a mixing bowl. Add the dry icing mix from the chocolate cake packet mix and beat with electric beaters until well combined.

Using a piping bag to pipe, or a butter knife to spread, top each cupcake sparingly with chocolate frosting.

Place one of the caramilk flower cupcake toppers on top of each of the frosted cupcakes.

twenty-four chocolate cupdakes with caramilk flowers on top sitting in a cupcake carrier


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